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Breakfast, Lunch, or Snack - SHOP 'N GO

  • Sundries - detergent, soap, hand sanitizer

  • Prepared Frozen Foods - pizza, dinners, burgers

  • Dairy Products - milk, eggs, butter, cheese, ice cream

  • Soft Drinks - all the brands, all the flavors

  • Juices - orange, pineapple, assorted flavors

  • Candy - gum, mints, chocolate, candy bars, chocolate 

  • Snacks - chips, pretzels, spicy corn chips, flavor chips, trail mix,
    energy bars, nuts, peanuts

  • Beer (cold and shelf - singles, multi-packs)

  • Wine - hundreds of selections

  • Wine Coolers - so many to try

  • Tobacco Products in variety of flavored blends

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